Studio Time (New Single)

We have just spent a few days working in the studio recording three songs, one of which will be our new single. The songs are sounding great even though they aren’t properly mixed or mastered yet. We have yet to decide which of the three songs we want to release yet because all three of them sound pretty kick ass. We might even just release all three as a mini EP. There will be new artwork for the release which will also be on prints, 50 of which will be given away for free and signed by us. 

Anyway, that is about all we have to tell at the moment. Oh, there is also another review of our music which you can find in the reviews section of our main website: 



Thanks, guys, we won the PIT UNSIGNED band of the week competition! Thank you to all of those that voted for us and made us win by a very big margin! This is only the first round though, we enter the final later on in the year…. Lets make sure we blow the other competition away again!

As we promised, there are now two free downloads until next Sunday at midnight!



Thanks guys!

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well and trying their best to cope with crappy April weather we are having. 

Sorry we don’t update this blog as often as we should, we kind of get involved in so many other things that we tend to forget to update everyone as much as we’d like to. Anyway, we were entered into The ‘Pit Unsigned Band Of The Week’ competition last week, and, we have a fantastic lead! We are immensely proud of our fans and friends for voting for us. It is often very hard to get people voting on things on Facebook, or gaining new fans, as it is a very restrictive site for bands. It’s not like the days of Myspace where it was quite simple to build a large fan-base. Facebook is a little harder due to you having to invite your own personal friends to like your band, essentially, you are promoting up 4 different pages on Facebook, you are promoting your personal accounts trying to gain fans that may like your music, and then inviting these friends to like your bands page. But, many people often ignore page requests, because lets face it; we all get bombarded with group invites and page invites and tend to just ignore them. So for us to have our fans voting for us and giving us such an incredible lead, and showing us how strong our fan-base is made us super proud of you guys! We adore you all, and if we win this round we will be giving away our song ‘Susie’ as a free download for you all.

Thanks so much guys! 

March 2013 update

So last month we met up with a video producer to run through some ideas for what we can do for the ‘Susie’ video. Some great ideas were brought up and we meet again with him soon and then begin filming the video in April. We’re looking forward to doing this and it will be quite a new experience as well, seeing as we are quite a DIY band doing pretty much everything ourselves including our last video. 

Also, we are just finalizing a few new songs ready to be recorded. One of which will be a free download! we’ll keep everyone updated with this. 


Until then, keep on rocking fellow sleazes!


We’ve been featured on another podcast. This time it is Cyphreinc Podcast. Go check us out and the other great bands.
Cyphreinc Podcast #037

Duration: 52:31

Released: Wednesday 13th February 2013

Review from 100% Rock Magazine

Stormtrooping out of the speakers like Hitler’s Third Reich going for an afternoon stroll in Poland in 1936, this debut EP from Cambridge, England trio of rabble rousers Dirty Little Rebel is a spittle-flecked riff-laden sleazy punky affair.

Combining the sound of the dangerous side of the Sunset Strip (Crue, Gunners) with all that made punk so sexy (Stooges, Pistols, Ramones), DLR are on a mission to invade your brain and have the riffs and hooks to do without the need for prisoner taking.

Sleaze Driven Army leads the way like a rock manifesto, before things slow down the slightest fraction for Susie.  Devil Show and Reckless Love kick out the jams like a SWAT team entering a crack den, and closer Too Hard To Resist is a classy, catchy, sweat dripping glam stomping epic.

Get on it and as the band say – scream, shout, rock the fuck out!


We’re off to meet a video producer on Wednesday to talk about making the video for our song Susie. We were also featured on Bone Orchard podcast, as well as being on constant spin on radio. It’s been a pleasure so far working with Joe Dolan from all hard rock and look forward to doing more work with him..

We’re also looking forward to some new and exciting opportunities that are coming for us this year – more news on this coming soon.

We’re currently in talks with a few festival organisers at the moment so hopefully we’ll be playing a few this year.  If you are a promoter and want us to play in a venue near you feel free to contact us at